Complex Matters

Is your situation outside the norm and the information available to you does not fit your scenario? Then you may very well be dealing with a complex situation.

Managing complex matters through the migration system requires the expertise of an experienced migration agent. Our migration agents have represented clients in all kinds of Complex Matters, including:

  • Visa refusals and cancellations
  • AAT appeals
  • Ministerial Intervention requests
  • Character matters
  • Public Interest Criterion issues, such as PIC 4020
  • Health waivers and health issues
  • Bridging visas
  • Status resolution
  • Work rights
  • Bars on return to Australia and exclusion periods such as PIC 4013 and PIC 4014
  • Onshore applications for further visas affected by Schedule 3 issues.
  • No further stay issues and waiver submissions
  • Partner visas involving family violence issues

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